Re: NVidia oddity

From: Chris Wilkinson (blobster_at_SPAMOFF.con)
Date: 10/22/05

Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005 09:32:58 +1000

Hi there,

Lawrence D'Oliveiro wrote:
> I've got 10.0 running, and managed to rebuild and reinstall the 1.0-7676
> version of the NVidia driver for my FX5200 card.
> However, SaX2 refused to give me the option to enable 3D acceleration. I
> tried both versions of SaX2, the runlevel-5 one and the runlevel-3 one,
> with no success.
> In the end, I did a diff of my xorg.conf against the XF86Config from my
> previous 9.1 installation, and thankfully the differences were not that
> great. In particular, one line said
> Driver "nv"
> in the former, as against
> Driver "nvidia"

"nv" is the opensource 2D driver, which will not give you accelerated
3D no matter what substance you smoke... :-)

Its written in the docs with the NVidia driver that you must use the
"nvidia" driver, not the "nv" one...

> in the latter. So I changed the former to the latter, switched back to
> runlevel 5, and I had 3D acceleration working. To test, I tried various
> OpenGL games and screensaver displays, and they all ran smoothly.
> Just for fun, I retried the runlevel-5 version of SaX2, and this time the
> "3D Acceleration" box was enabled and checked. However, when I went back to
> the runlevel-3 version, that had the box unchecked and disabled. This even
> though my 3D acceleration still continues to work.

I saw in the docs for NVidias driver that Sax2 sometimes will not show
3D as enabled, despite the fact it is...I can attest to that being

> Just confirms my prejudices about the limitations of GUI tools, I guess.

The GUI tools are just fine. They have always worked as required for me,
and the only trouble I've had is with distros complaining the nvidia
module taints the kernel, where I need to add the nvidia module to the
modules.conf file to force loading the module....again as recommended
in the NVidia docs...

Kind regards,
Chris Wilkinson, Brisbane, Australia.
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