Re: need to resete fire fox to default theme

From: StvyLife (
Date: 10/27/05

Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 06:01:49 GMT

StvyLife wrote:

> mst wrote:
>> On Wed, 26 Oct 2005 23:38:03 +0100 Robert Hull
>> <> wrote:
>>> > Using the root gave me powers.
>>> Too bad that one of them was not the power to quote correctly or to
>>> avoid top-posting
>> Stvylife was a notorious poster, asking every question
>> in life that they couldnt easily figure out on their own.
>> Maybe the parade is starting again?
> yep you spoke too soon; glad you noticed seems like you put too much
> effort in noticing things. I not bothered by you mst because you will
> alway be that creature that runs around looking for something to stir or
> notice?...
> Well the issue now, is that fixing one thing has cause another.
> Now something is restricting my security access. I am think that is
> something in the ball park of an identity mixup. As I stated earlier, I
> copied the default profile from the OPT directory to my user profile in
> the .mozilla folder. I get the SSL disable everytime I got to a place
> where I have to log in. So what could I have copied that would put such a
> restriction. I did most of that as root.
> and I every time I start firefox and get an alert message with states that
> "Could not initialize browser security component. The most likely cause is
> problem with the profile directory." It also talks about something may be
> read write restricted.
> Now I am on the hunt to find that out.
> hhmmm.

it's all set now; okay I just went in as root; and then changed the
permission on all the files to user rather than root; I the they carried
the property of the root user because that where I copied it from.
so problem solved. take not mst incase it ever happend to you.
no charge....


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