Why Would . . ?

From: Dr. Deb (dgfreeman_at_mon-cre.net)
Date: 10/28/05

Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 16:45:25 -0500

Why would any sensible person BUY Novell's latest Linux offering? I
did,mainly to support the company. What did I get for my $59.95? A system
that runs well, but whose apps are inadequately incorporated into the
packaged system.

Take the audio players for instance, the only one that would work out of the
box was RealPlayer 10. The old tried and true XMMS was seriously hobbled,
just like in version 9.3. For a commercial product, that is inexcusable.
Yes, I could/did download the drivers, but only after finding out where to
find them and doing the download and install via Yast.

Bottom line, I could have saved myself a chunk of change and frustrations by
doing the download of OpenSuse and then doing the install of the apps and
app drivers.

If you are buying the system, you have a right to expect that Novell has
taken the time to make sure all the app offerings at least have the
necessary drivers to make them work!!!

Buy 10.1,or anyother release, not on your life. Unless, or until, Novell
does a better job of producing a working package.