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From: houghi (
Date: 11/03/05

Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 00:38:04 +0100

mbjj wrote:
> If I wanted to get into the kernel to play around with it, see
> how it's structured and set up. Maybe see exactly what it is.
> How do you go about getting in there. Obviously it would have to
> be done as root in with a terminal screen but other than that I
> have no idea. I want to do this on a box that has no bearing on
> the other machines I have running here. Lets look at the kernel.

Install the kernel sources. Install the books rpm.
Start reading a LOT. The books it installs are:
"Linux Installation and getting started" - Matt Welsh
"Linux Programmers Guide" - Sven Goldt and Sven van der Meer
"Linux Network Administrators Guide, Second Edition" - Olaf Kirch and
Terry Dawson
"Linux System Administrators Guide" - Lars Wirzenius
"Linux Users Guide" - Larry Greenfield
"Linux Kernel 2.4 Internals" - Tigran Aivazian and "The Linux Kernel
Module Programming Guide" - Ori Pomerantz

All in /usr/share/doc/Books

Next start reading /usr/src/linux/Documentation

I do not want to diacourage you. It might just be better to start with
things you can comprehand, like the sourcecode for smaller program.

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