Re: the business side of linux suse

From: PerfectReign (
Date: 11/21/05

Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 07:12:51 -0800

On Mon, 21 Nov 2005 06:45:51 -0500, James Knott took a five-minute break
from flipping burgers to boot the etch-a-sketch and scribble out:

> PerfectReign wrote:
>> Actually I care. I want Linux to succeed simply because I want to see a
>> valid desktop offering. I have been waiting since '94 when the promise of
>> Warp was there only to be dashed by IBM's own ineptitude. The less able
>> Windows 95 Shell for DOS came in and stole the show. Pathetic as it was,
>> the OS/2 folks couldn't put it together.
> Part of IBM's "own ineptitude" was extortion by MS. They insisted that IBM
> stop marketing OS/2, before they'd be allowed to get a decent price on
> Windows 95. Then there was MS "encouraging" computer vendors to sell only
> Windows. Both of these were covered in the Microsoft trial, a few years
> back.

I was actually on the phone with the folks from Boca Raton about the time
Win95 was released. I remember doing a side-by-side comparison on two
identical 486/DX 40 machines where we loaded one with OS/2 and the other
with Win95. We then ran a bunch of scripts to perform side-by-side tasks.
Totally unscientific but it showed the OS/2 machine finishing said tasks
in about thirty seconds. The Win95 machine took more than five minutes.

Anwyay, I mentioned this to the Boca support team and told them that they
needed to make OS/2 simply look better. They said they had tried to get
better designers in but were shot down by upper management in New York. Go

linux - genuine windows replacement part