Re: WLAN card keeps disconnecting

Valentin Guillen wrote:
On Sun, 11 Dec 2005 22:30:11 +0100, Georg Schmidt wrote:

Hello everyone,

I am still having troubles with my ASUS WL-107G WLAN card and WPA-PSK
encryption. This is what I did so far: -downloaded the latest RT2500
drivers and installed them - use RaConfig2500 to enter the key and
establish a connection with the router

It connects for about 10s, then disconnects, connects again for 10s,
disconnects, ........ . It doesn't matter whether I use the driver from
Ralink directly or from There are no error
messages in /var/logs/messages. Is it possible to create a log with some
more information to find out why it keeps disconnecting? Is anyone using
this card with WPA-PSK under LINUX? BTW, I'm using SUSE 9.3.
I will be grateful for any hints.


First, I would expect that you've installed some RF (radio frequency)
monitoring tools, so that you can perform analysis of what the RF part of
your WiFi cards are doing. These include the programs called
KWiFiManager, Wavemon, and others.

Then, I would expect that you've performed some comparisons, and that
you've simply forgotten to post the comparisons. So what were the
differences, if any, when you disabled encryption on the access point, and
on your Linux box?  Did that have any effect on the problem?  The reason
this matters is that it would tell us if *encryption* had any bearing
upon, or was the root cause of the issue.   I suspect that it is not
related at all, but this is simply an intuitive guess.

What were the results of monitoring the RF signals passing back and forth
between the AP and the linux box?  An analysis of this data might indicate
that you have a local source of RF interference happening on a very
systematic, predictable rythm or schedule, like perhaps every ten seconds
or so.  If this were the case, you might then attempt to find and
eliminate the source, or alternately, to increase the signal strenth of
the desired signal, or at minimum, to attempt to increase the
signal-to-noise ratio of your situation, so as to minimize the impact of
the offending signals.

Post again with some of the pertinent data.


monitor tools

Dear Valentin,

Thank you for your help. If I switch encryption off the card works fine. The problems only occur if I have WPA-PSK switched on. Before updating the drivers WEP encryption also worked, but I haven't tried that with the new drivers, so I cannot say for definite that this is still working. However, open networks are OK with the updated drivers.

Can you recommend a RF monitoring tool?

Thanks again for your help,