Re: Installing linux, swap partition question!

{ajh} wrote:

> David Wright wrote:
>> {ajh} wrote:
>> > Obviously running KDE or GNOME will be constly, as per performance. Is
>> > there something else that is fairly easy to use when setting up Apache,
>> > PHP, MySQL, and Ruby?
>> Try Webmin, then you only need to boot the machine to RL3 not RL5 with
>> X-Windows running. You can then do 90% of your administration remotely
>> via a web browser. For basic/common options Webmin is pretty good, but
>> given the thousands of parameters Apache and MySQL can use, you might
>> need to dive into the command line as well.
>> phpMyAdmin (on the SUSE DVD, and probably in the repositories if it isn't
>> on the CD's) is good for remotely administering your SQL-Server set-up.
>> Again, you access it remotely from a workstation.
> Interesting... I never heard of RL3, RL5 before... Is that "run level"?
> How can I specify this?

Sorry, yes, RL is Run Level. You can specify it in YAST, also on the Grub
boot screen by typing in 3 I think. If at any point you need a graphics
shell to do anything, you can still log in to the command line and issue a
"startx" command, which will automatically load the default graphics
manager (usually KDM or GDM).

> Webmin, I gather, is a sort of front-end deal for remote management...
> how would I go about getting that? Download an RPM from somewhere?

Have a look at the webmin site and the SUSE RPM is at