BlueFish, localhost, Apache2, PHP

I'm not sure what direction I need to ask for help from but i will try
to explain my problem as succinctly as I can. I use BlueFish to edit
webpages. As long as they were HTML pages everything works as it
should. I can modify the HTML and then use the External Browser
command to look at the page in a number of different browsers.

However if I try to do the same with PHP files, BlueFish just wants to
launch another session of itself. I needed to load Apache and also
loaded PHP5. I can look at the PHP pages now if I load them
in /srv/www/htdocs and preface the page with "http://localhost/"; just
fine. However I can't seem to find the right formula to load the pages
with BlueFish if I change the command line for the browser by adding
http://localhost as the program thinks the file location is now
does anyone use BlueFish to look at their files while running Apache?

Also I am a little confused about the Alias stuff in Apache. If I put
everything in /srv/www/htdocs I can look at the pages in the browser
with htp://localhost/name_of_page.php (or .html). Normally I keep all
the webpages I work on in a directory called Webpages under
my /home/darrell directory. With plain HTML files I could in the past
look at the page by putting name_of_page.html in the location bar or
right clicking on the file name in Konqueror and choosing Open with
Firefox, Galeon, whatever. Now since I have to use Apache and PHP to
look at PHP files, I have to put them in /srv/www/htdocs instead. How
can I redirect Apache to allow me to see them
in /home/darrell/Webpages? Or can I just put them
in /home/darrell/public_html? I want them in the /home directory
because it is on a separate partition and stays put when I upgrade Suse
versions. /srv/www as far as I can tell gets reinvented with each new
version upgrade.

Darrell Stec darstec@xxxxxxxxxx

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