Re: Adding 2nd CPU after install

flarosa wrote:

I have a dual-CPU motherboard which currently has only 1 CPU installed.

I ordered a 2nd identical CPU and expect to have it in a week.

In the meantime, can I go ahead and install Linux? Will it adapt
dynamically to the 2nd CPU after I get it, or does the installer have
to recognize it and install different kernel code during the initial


Yes you can install Linux, however most installers will detect the single
CPU and install a kernel optimised for that configuration. With such a
kernel your second CPU would not be used after you've installed it. However
you can manually install an SMP kernel after the initial Linux
installation, and make that the default kernel used by your. Advantages:
your system will immediately make use of the second CPU once its installed.
Disadvantages: a slight (very slight) loss of performance while running a
single CPU (an SMP kernel is not optimised for single CPU configurations).

Hope this helps.