Re: Adding 2nd CPU after install

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Roy L. Fuchs wrote:

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flarosa wrote:

I have a dual-CPU motherboard which currently has only 1 CPU installed.

I ordered a 2nd identical CPU and expect to have it in a week.

In the meantime, can I go ahead and install Linux? Will it adapt
dynamically to the 2nd CPU after I get it, or does the installer have
to recognize it and install different kernel code during the initial


As far as 'identical'.. CPUs evolve over the life of the product. die
changes, improvements, 'fixes', etc are all part of a life-cycle of any
CPU offering..

It has been 'best-practice that if you wish to convert a single cpu box to
a dual, you remove the single, and purchase 2 cpus from the same supplier,
at the same time, to make sure you have exactly the same die revision of
the CPU.. Not doing this used to cause problems with stability.. . I do
know if the same still applies today.. just a quick caveat...

All such information is declared ON the CPU with a laser.

So, the only question is, what part of the word IDENTICAL do you not

Geez.. relax...

But to your point.. If you go to, for example and purchase a CPU
that has the same clock speed as your current processor, what guarantee do
you have that it IS, in fact, IDENTICAL? .. NONE.. They do not seel them
based on die revision, just socket types and speed... He stated that he
does NOT yet have the CPU in his hand.. I would be surprised that, if his
motherboard/CPU combination is more than a few months old, that the die
revisions would be IDENTICAL... If they are, he got lucky..

New Egg does NOT provide the entire set of details required to obtain
an identical version of a CPU one already owns.

There are plenty of places, however, that DO supply perspective
purchasers with ALL of the details of a given product, and
PARTICULARLY ALL of the details surrounding CPUs and memory sticks.

The no brainer here is that if you are trying to match up an item
you purchased with an identical companion item, you should probably
not get it from New Egg.