SuSe Linux 9.3 Counter/Timer driver issue

I am using the Warren Jasper driver for the Measurement Computing(MC)
based CTR05 counter/timer board, and want to be able to allow for a
via a function(GetTimestamp) to get a 32 bit counter value.
My system consists of:
a PCI based dual serial card - B&B dual serial card. This card has it's

own driver, and I wish to have it get the 32 bit counter value via a
function defined in the MC board driver.
Attempts to compile the MC driver result in an error:
*** Warning: "GetTimestamp" [path] undefined!
Yet, I have a .h file with the proper definitions. If I build with
GetTimestamp() as part of the kernel, then the compiler does not
It is only when I attempt to separate the function to be used by other
drivers that this error occurs!
Any suggestions?
thank you


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