Problems mounting data CD's

My optical drive is a Lite-ON 12X DVD burner. When I
insert a data CD (for example, to install a program),
an application sometimes pops up offering to open it,
and sometimes not.

If not? Then I try to mount the CD, but that's a lost
cause. The likely reason is the entry in fstab, as
follows, but I'm not quite sure what's wrong.

/dev/dvdrecorder /media/dvdrecorder subfs
0 0

If I cd to /media/dvdrecorder as root, it says "No
medium found." (There are no complaints with mount
/media/dvdrecorder, but it seems not to do it.) When I
attempt to mount it as /dev/hdc, which it actually is,
I get the "bad option, bad superblock" sort of thing.
What's going on?
Robert T. Kopp