Re: KMix, PCM & amaroK ... volume sets itself to zero

On Wed, 22 Mar 2006 17:09:52 +0100, Alan Searle wrote:

Jim Adamthwaite wrote:
I tried switching to Xine but that was also problematic and the playlist
seemed to skip through every entry without playing.

Google for:
The Jem Report - Hacking Open SUSE

It is concise.
Jim Adamthwaite.

Hi Jim,

Yes, I found this thread but it was a very long one and seemed to cover
mostly playing DVDs (I think). I couldn't find anything about this
problem of KMix setting PCM to zero.

I have googled the problem and several others seem to have had this
problem but I couldn't find a fix.

If you have any other tips or can point me towards a particular section
of the thread, then this would be very useful.

Alan Searle.

Your right, this problem has appeared many times so a search on google
groups alt.os.linux.suse: with the right combination of words should turn
up the fix.
I'm pretty sure the answer is to remove kmix and to use

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