Re: Directory rights

Michael wrote:
Just to recap, my question is; there must be a way to hide directories,
every other OS can do it.

Not with Linux. You will always be able to see the files and directories
in the directory you are allowed to enter.

e.g. as a user you can enter /home. You must be able to do so, because
you need access to /home/user.

This means you will be able to see what is in /home. The way to do
'hidden' things in Linux is to put a . (dot) in front of it. That
however is not really hidden. You just don't see it by default.

The only thing you might learn are the other logins. That's it. Even if
you would be able to hide it, there are other ways to find out what
logins are on a Linux syste, Just type `w` or `ps aux` or ...

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