Re: Gnome vs. KDE - is this true?

Rick wrote:
On Mon, 03 Apr 2006 15:22:56 +0300, Vahis wrote:

Dr_Freeman wrote:
It really depends on what kind of traditional OS you are used to. if you
love mac... then your best bet is gnome. but if you've migrated from
windows and are used to its setup... kde is the way to go. i prefer kde
myself. but thats probably just because i always had windows before
linux. SuSE includes both on the disk....but i do the FULL install. its
a lot bigger, but it has a lot more stuff. if u dont do the detailed
selection on can only have one at a time.

Your post looks as if you were either answering to some question or giving
some advise.

In either case you are giving disinformation.


What disinformation would that be?

1) Ex-Mac users love Gnome
2) Ex-Windows users love KDE
3) It is written as SuSE

So to answer:
1) Ex-Mac users do not always love Gnome. I know Ex-Mac users who
strictly run CLI or a minimal X if needed.
2) Ex-Windows users do not always love KDE. I am an ex-Windows user and
one of the reasons I left Windows was the screen layout. Why would I
want to have something that looks like something I dislike?
3) Well, DUH. :-)

So the part where you decide what people like or dislike is
disinformation. There is only one correct answer and that is to figure
it out.

As a sidenote, why run a full installed system? Do you have all the
services running that you have installed? Most likely not, so why have
them installed? If yes, do you use them all? Because if you don't, you
can increase the speed a lot by at least turning the services off that
you don't need.

And if you REALLY want a full install, add ALL additionall repo's and
install those all as well. ;-)
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