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Will I find a difference between the 2 flavors.
What two flavours? There is only one SUSE Linux 10.1 for whichever
architecture. The software that is not open source is on the optional
6th CD.

I may be absolutly wrong. but does the OSS version not have all of the
development code? I am in no way shape or form am a programmer. I just do
not want to use Microsoft anymore. 10 and 10.1 works perfectly for me.
The suse 10.1(final) is the 'released version' and it comes on 6 CDs. CD 6 only has proprietary software (such as realplayer etc) - that is - NON open source software, while CDs 1 through 5 only contain open source licencsed software. THe distribution conditions are different for CD 6. Personally I am happy to use such programs at present, but it is better for the open source community to develop and use only non proprietary alternatives if posible I think.

Suse 10.1 is complete with 'development' applications, if you mean compiler, and the like.

However, if you want to live even closer to the cutting edge of the changing Linux scene, the 'Open' Suse organisation allows you to also download the current latest non released (experimental) version - 10.2 which is not yet proven to be fully stable and you would use this if you actually wanted to be part of the active and open developmet activity.

I am downloading the DVD iso at the moment form a folder:


With a name like that for a path I can well understand the confusion. The filename is still Suse-Linux-10.1-GM-DVD-i386.iso which is very much like the eval dvd of 10.0 was. So, is this DVD iso the 6 cds plus packages as it normally is or ??


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