Re: Get 'No catalog found @ for SuSE 10.1 network install (http) -

Arun Khan wrote:
I have created a DVD iso image using makeSUSEdvd v0.30. I have mounted
(loop) the iso image on /mnt/loop. This dir is the "Document Root" of a
Apache virtual host. Tested the vhost using a web browser - I am able to
see the entire DVD file structure layout thru the web browser.

I want to use the above file structure to install SuSE 10.1 on other
machines via the HTTP option.

I have a slightly different approach.
I have directory ftp just like www in my server Apache default).

I have directories there like /9.3 /10.0 /10.1 /10.1.addon

I have never made any DVDs, just copied the contents of the CD images.

I boot from the network install CD, give the server name and directory
and it flies :)

Why must it be HTTP?
Why must there be a DVD image?