Suse 10.1 Install Resources


In 10.0 I was able to go to
the Patches section of YaST and install within the system, but it was not
to be found.

So, I found this article:

And downloaded the latest linux driver from

Followed the directions and it worked like a charm.

Media codecs:

Here's a nice little Suse Install blog:

Key part for me is how to add Packman as a source and get the media
downloads (near the end).

"SUSE 10.1 brings some new software for package management to the table.
Gone is susewatcher and YOU is no longer the default method of updating
SUSE with system and security updates. Libzypp is the new backend software
with the Zenworks Management Daemon ( ZMD ) providing an interface for the
new notification applet called zen-updater and the default command line
utility called rug. Libzypp is a clever mix of red carpet and yast
technologies and so has been integrated into yast package management also.
This means any installation sources you add to rug/zen-updater will show up
in yast and vice versa. Let's get started..."

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