Re: new to SuSE Linux 10.0

TIS ME wrote:
I am new to SuSE Linux. I need to know where to learn the basics. I
do not even know how to be a Super-user. If any one could help out
with a little info to get me started. thanx


be aware that super user (or 'root' user) is more powerful in many ways than admin in windoze. When I began a couple of years ago, from a 'captive' windoze background that had prepared me well to accept re-installs whenever necessary. The good news was that my linux novice enthusiasm and ambition with root privileges gave me a number of opportunities to use that experience. The even better news was that suse installed really very quickly, apps included.

For the record (see note 1), reboot, and sign in as user 'root', using the root password. Now realise that you are probably the only person on the planet doing it that way! and sign out quickly. It is dangerous!

Note 1:
It is usual to use carefully limited and targeted root priviliges for example starting with the suse menu (I use KDE), choose
(Sign in as super user - SU)
(and have a look around, for example - )
Network Devices
Network card
(etc etc etc)

FWIW In my home system for some reason this SU approach does not work as described above unless I have set up the network card to use a fixed IP address (with nominated nameserver addresses), probably something to do with my router which I have not bothered to follow up - I prefer fixed IP anyway.

Have fun!