Re: Updating 10.1 64bit wrote:

Joost van der Waa wrote:
Hi there,

Just installed 10.1 64 bit, and everything is working rather ok.
The only real problem I encounter is the update procedure: it doesn work.
I get the following error message from the "Software updater":
Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Public.ZenException: Failed to lookup resolvable
with id '24778'

The updater is broken. There is a major fix available at

Download them into a directory and install them with
rpm -ivh *.rpm

And I strongly advise getting the smart updater. It is MUCH nicer than
the new zen stuff.
Download it from Guru's site
because it comes preconfigured with the sources.

I do advise NOT updating the 64-bit KDE to 3.5.2. That trashed my
system (it did work on 32-bits though).

Worked here.


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