Re: Just for the fun of it :-)

Michael Soibelman wrote:

Hi fellow SuSE users. I know this newsgroup is for technical advice so
please forgive me. Anyway, as my system is now stabilized and I don't
any major problems I got bored. So after reading someone else's sig file
few times I decided to give the t.v. a rest. When I returned home from
work, where I met a very attractive young lady, I decided to do something
different. I started searching for downloadable 'legal' music (a.k.a.
free as in freedom) and ran across an old favorite web site which I
visited in quite some time. So, after listening to streaming music of
the 'rock' genre for the last hour and a half and thinking about the lady
I mentioned I thought I'd share this great web site with you and maybe
add it to your bookmarks. So here it is:

Hope you enjoy the music as you continue to use this great OS.

P.S. Sorry, but I can't share the girl :-) LOL

She's VERY pretty..........AAHHHHH........

You got home from work and found a lady who had broken into your house? I
take it she has been taken into custody. Did she put up much of a fight?