Re: updatedb

well, its locate... you can run updatedb as root every hour (minute)
((second)) if you want...
changing that behaviour shouldnt be difficult as you are willing to
i agree that cron.daily is at xx:xx time of day, and thers no feedback
on that... let me add you have to boot system so locatedb gets
created!!! or maybe wait... a day

houghi wrote:
Jim Showalter wrote:
Now I know. I am going to remove one of the two '*updatedb' scripts
from cron.daily and see what happens.

What I would do is remove them both and reinstall and see what happens.
Because if there were wo, it normaly would have run. Also I would check
if the other things in cron.daily work and run correctly.


Today I went outside. My pupils have never been tinier...


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