VMWare as a Window Manager

Does anyone have any advice on how to make VMWare the Window Manager instead
of KDE/Gnome?  I would like to have a VMWare account on my machine so that
when someone uses that account it goes straight into VMWare without any
other hassles and when they close Windows/VMWare the machine returns to the
Linux login screen without any further interaction from the user.  I use
SuSE 10.1 ATM and I have VMWare 4.something.  I want the other accounts to
stay as normal Linux accounts.

If I could do this I could still have Windows on the machine for my g/f to
use and switching between the two would be so much faster than with the
current dual boot.  Please do not spend time telling me to educate my g/f
into the benefits of Linux unless you can convince me that you are one of
the geniuses that has managed to explain the offside rule to a woman...


zemran at gmail

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