Re: Web-based remoting...

swytch7 wrote:

I am also a recent convert from Windows...well, not totally but working
on it. I have been using for some time now and second the
request for a linux alternative. I use VNC inside the network in our
office because that is where its safe (network admin). Most VNC progs
are not as secure as and other products.
establsihed a secure channel - VPN like connection. Also, VNC is sooo
much slower than It would be nice to have a GUI or web
remote desktop solution to administer a PC.

Any suggestions along those lines?


Perfect Reign wrote:
On 29 Jun 2006 14:58:04 -0700, Lance May took a five minute break from
flipping burgers at the local fast food joint and scribbled on an

I know next to nothing about Linux, but I am a geek by trade
(developer). I'm trying to force myself to use SuSE as though it is the
only allowable OS for my home computing needs. That being said, it is
obvious that I have a lot to learn.

Yes, but things will change. It is a very good OS. (10.1 rox!)

I'm sure that some/most/all of you are familiar with the services
provided by, and to that end, I'm sure my question is
fairly simple. - is that a Chinese fastfood site?

I have been given the impression that Symantec's pcAnywhere v12 has
Linux capabilities as far as being able to allow a remote user to (via
the web) hit their own machine and remotely control it.

Oh, shit - there are tons o' versions of software for this. I'd trust
Symantec about as far as I can throw them. Particularly since they
invented the virus in order to sell virus software.

Try VNC or rdesktop (which uses the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol)
for a start.

Here's a link:

I use this to connect all the time.

You might want to take a look at webmin ( which is a
"browser" based admin tool. Local or remote, secure and very eay.

Good luck.