Updating Open office

Yesterday, I noticed that OpenOffice has an update available to v.1.03
After downloading the package and unzipping and untarring it, I decided to
do a "clean install" so deleted my present v1.02 Open Office and the
associated "OpenOffice_org-gnome" and "OpenOffice_org-kde" packages.
Perhaps this was a mistake? I did the install from the RPM sub-directory,
but then discovered that I had no entries in my KMenu for OpenOffice.
Fine, I'll just put them back from the original CD. When I did this, it
gave me an error message which told me of an incompatibility, so I checked
the recommended place, and it proceeded to uninstall v1.03, and put back

This morning, my friendly Zen Update reminder told me that there were four
updates for OpenOffice, and I told it to go ahead. After a lengthy
download and installation, I still show that I am running v1.02???
Did I cause this by my uninstall of the earlier version. If so, is there a
way to get v1.03 back, and have it appear on the KDE and Gnome menus?