Re: Discover machines on local network

The carbonbased lifeform dk inspired alt.os.linux.suse with:
Is there a quick and simple way to discover what machines might be connected
on a local network? This is actually for a plot point in a novel I'm

A character breaks into a server room. She can see 10 servers in a rack plus
a desktop machine. The desktop machine is running Linux. What's the easiest
way for her to discover the IP of that machine? (I assume she's not got
root access, so can't run ifconfig). And what's the easiest way to find the
IPs of the other machines? Nmap? Just pinging addresses in the same range
as the desktop machine? Or is there an easier way?

Everyone here asumes that this Linux box runs without any screen-lock,
so anybody can get to do whatever they want right away.
Most unlikely in a serverroom.

you'll first have to work out a *believable* way to circumvent or
override e.g. 'xlock', something that would probably require some sort of
social engineering on one of the sysadmins.

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