Re: Dual booting Suse linux and mandriva

stryker wrote:

I want to Dual Boot suse linux 10.0 and mandriva and windows xp
.How should i do it?

I am doing the same thing - actually SuSE 10.1, Mandriva 2006 and Xandros 4 Home

I use the boot.ini file in windows and NTLDR to use another boot loader on another disk that in turn loads my Linux distro of choice. I don't try to use LiLO or GRUB on the main/primary (windows) partition

Look here for info on how to do this:

It generally involves (assuming windows is already installed):

1)Installing Linux on another partition
2) Making sure you direct the installer to place the bootloader on that partition (If you load linux on hdb2 put the bootloader in the boot sector of hdb2)
3) Copying the first 512 bytes of the disk to a file
4) Editing boot.ini in windows to use that file

It is a little more complex than that - but hopefully that will help.