KDE backup ('Keep')

I have discovered KDE backup app 'Keep' and it looked as if it was
exactly what I really wanted. Simple gui and clever backup (based on
rdiff-backup I think).

After initial use and a couple of experiments, I think it is not
working properly, although if it is a bug, it is a very obvious one, so
I begin to doubt my own understanding of it. Maybe it is something I am
doing wrong.

I am using suse 10.0, and afaik Keep is not included in the distro, but
I got it from guru.
the Keep version I have is 0.3.0-2.guru.suse100i686

My use is for backup a frequency of '1 day', deleted after (say) 3 days.
The results indicate that backups are being done each hour, not each
day. This is the primary problem I have.

For me personally, I could probably work out how to do something
equivalent using rdiff-backup and cron - although it is not quite my
scene - however, I have other, less computer literate people (family,
friends etc) as users of their own suse's, and it is such a perfect app
(if it works) that I want to check out my understanding.

Comments would be appreciated