Re: Kdelibs - what the...

houghi wrote:

WHAT AP? If people want to do the same thing, people might want to do as
much the same as you do.
I never ever used Kdevelop, so I have no idea what that does.

Kdevelop is an IDE for programming. There are wizards to create the
basic core of your program according to what you want to do - a plain
c++ application, a Qt/KDE one etc etc. If you want to do a Qt/KDE
application, the wizard includes all the necessary Qt stuff, so when
compiling it should work properly since everything is installed on the
pc. Still it fails, saying "install kdelibs first".

The source is quite easy - create a new project with Kdevelop (3.2.2),

Wait, above it was 3.3.3. Now suddenly it becomes 3.2.2?

I also had the 3.3.3 version as a tar.gz, so I run ./configure, just to
try and see... same result, which is the same I get whenever configure
is ran.