Re: Compiling from source

Michael Soibelman wrote:
Tom wrote:

Every time I try to compile anything from source, I get the following
type of error when running "make install":

wine:error: The specified bottle (win98) does not exist.
make: [v4l-install] Error 1 (ignored)
install -d /lib/modules/
wine:error: The specified bottle (win98) does not exist.
make: [v4l-install] Error 1 (ignored)
install -m 644 -c cx8800.ko cx8802.ko cx88-alsa.ko cx88-blackbird.ko
cx88xx.ko cx88-dvb.ko cx88-vp3054-i2c.ko
wine:error: The specified bottle (win98) does not exist.
make: [v4l-install] Error 1 (ignored)

The recurring theme in each case is:

"wine:error: The specified bottle (win98) doesn't exist.)

Now can anyone help me work out what this actually means? I do have wine
installed on this machine (rpm from the original DVD) and it works fine
for what I need it for.

I tried to uninstall wine (rpm -e wine) and remove its fake_windows
directory, but the problem persists.

Any ideas how to fix it?

Thank you.

Tom Ronalds

1. Did you install the kernel from rpm or is this a self compiled kernel ??

Stock standard SUSE rpm. Sources etc (kernel + syms) are installed as well.

2. What error messages do you see during the ./configure stage that might
give a clue as to what is going on ?

None as far as I can tell.

3. You seem to be indicating that running 'make' completes without error.
Is this the case ?


4. Did you install wine from the standard rpm's or from source ?

From the rpm on SUSE 10.1 DVD.

5. I see a contradiction in your statement "Every time I try to compile
anything from source, I get the following type of error when running "make
install":. Do you mean "every time I compile anything from source and then
try to install it I get the following type of error" ?? I'm pretty sure
you do.

That's correct. On the few occasions I've had to compile from source,
the ".configure" and "make" scripts went fine. The process failed the
"make install" stage - with errors like the one above. And yes, I did
run "make install" as root where necessary.

Sorry about my less than clear terminology.

Your error does seem a bit strange so I am asking these questions to try to
isolate what is causing these error messages. I'm not trying to criticize

That's OK; I don't take offence so easily, so if there's some
constructive criticism to be dished out, then dish away! :-)

The error message make me wonder if you installed the windows codecs
on your system (w32codec)..??

Yes - the packman w32codec package is installed. That's why I have no
issues with MPlayer and xine playing anything bar some recent wmv9 files
off the Net (this is a 64-bit system, so no 64-bit WinMedia codecs).

More info please.

Interestingly enough, I seemed to have come across a solution. Renaming
the hidden directory .cxoffice (which, as you no doubt know, is created
by Crossover Office) while running "make install" cures the problem. I
can then rename it back so as to be able to use Crossover applications
(mainly Quicken, which my accountant insists I must have so he doesn't
have to work too hard on my tax returns!)

I am still at a loss though why this would be happening. There is a
"win98 bottle" in my Crossover Office setup - so it very much does exist
(despite what "make install" proclaims), even though how this is
relevant to installing quite unrelated files (v4l-dvb in this case) is a
total mystery to me.

BTW Michael, did you have any luck with your faxing endeavours (a few
threads back)? Please share if you did. I'm sure it would be very
helpful to a lot of people in the future.


Tom Ronalds

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