Re: Unstalling APC UPS Daemon using SMART (Suse 10.1)

John Karpich wrote:

I'm using a APC UPS battery on this machine, but it doesn't seem to be
recognized. Looking for the package using YasT and wasn't able to find
it. I heard that YasT has problems on 10.1, and someone recommended to
use SMART to manage software. I did find that through YasT and installed
it with no problems. Zen finds on updates, but Smart does, and it also
finds the UPS software apcupsd.rpm. Can I, and should I use Smart update
to manage my system instead of Yast ?

Thanks in advance


What about the UPS software, what is it that isn't working.

I suspect that it isn't finding the UPS via the serial comms even when you
specify which com to use and that you have tried both comms (if you have
two), at every baud rate, P/NP/bits etc.

Go on, I'm close arn't I.

There was a time with UPS serial where some went for a very perculiar 9pin
serial lead. I just tried to look it up but can't see it at the moment, but
it was something like the data pin controlling the handshake pins. But that
time wasn't very long ago. The thing is with a slow baud kit you don't
really have to worry about pulse edges as you would on high speed comms.

So see if you can get hold of an online handbook for the UPS that you have
and check the connector pins, bet your socks it isn't what you would have

Some modern ones still have odities, one of mine I have running on slow baud
because no handshake combination can work with a standard coms lead on that
unit. (slow baud with no handshake on a UPS isn't a problem, because the RT
response is quite long for a UPS).