Re: video editing recommendations?

On 2006-08-08 12:27, Taco wrote:
Any recommendations for video editing software on linux?
No, not the 1 billion dollar stuff, just freeware.

Try kino, you can install it from the cd , but I use the pacman build, I think they differ a bit.

I't not easy to make movies with linux yet, it's getting better but
it's still a lot of problems you must solve by yourself.

For example when I open my camera and download the dv stream, it can hang
kino and the firewire shannel at the end of the tape, and I must do things in
panik before I get the camera connected and get kino to take my commands.

So I avoid it by using a script with dvcnt and dvgrab instead.

Try to avoid reiserfs for video files, I have a 250GB xfs partition for that.

When testing programs, most of them just crash or are impossible to figure out,
but when you find all your tools, things will be easy, and you can work effective.

1. connect the camera, run one script.
2. While your clips is coming in, drag them to kino and do cutting, fading and so on
3. Generate output- dv,vcd,dvd,flash or whatever
4. while waiting, start another kino and work with next part or movie.

To make it simple, create your dv files with year,month,day and 24hour time
like dvgrab --autosplit --timestamp clip-
and your files will be named as:

Then it's easy to select a cluster of files and drag them to kino,
and they will be inserted in the right order.