Re: Install 10.1 - always this slow? Maybe net?

houghi wrote:

Albert wrote:
Tried to download first cd of 10.1 from site. I have 2500
kbps DSL and wget says it will take over 2 hours? Are the Suse servers
always this slow? Are there mirrors? I asume you mean something like:


That should point you to a mirror.

I see the link now.... way at bottom of page.

Also mirrors are available on so you can directly point to a
mirror you know will be faster.

Curious. If you choose a non-USA/non-English mirror (say one in Germany) do
you get a non-English version of OpenSuse 10.1? will try to
estimate the best solution.

What I do is I open 3 downloads at the same time. Some mirrors are not
as fast as I could go. That way I can download from three different

You mean 3 wgets of the same iso or do you DL 3 different iso files at same

As you use wget, do wget -c URL and do a CTRL-C and restart when you hit
a slower mirror. You might get a faster one.

Good idea. Thanks. I never used the -c before.

How long would a net install be for a "full-bore" KDE desktop system with
Firefox, multimedia, etc.? Any ideas or a guess?

About the same time, perhaps a bit shorter.

Thought so. It was that way with the net install of Debian Etch. Took