Re: proper path to upgrade 10.1

On Sunday 20 August 2006 17:23, Angel Blue01
<angel_blue_co2004@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in alt.os.linux.suse:

Robert Hull wrote:
It seems apparent that you have not understood the difference between
the retail offering and the downloaded version.


At least we have established that you don't know what you want, that's a
good start.

I understand the retail edition includes a dual-layer DVD9
with more packages than the opensuse download, so to save time I may
decide to pay for it.

So why then do you want to use a prior version?

Given your original question as to whether you can upgrade from 10.0 to
10.1 using the downloaded DVD, did you think that buying 10.0 on a dual
layer DVD would suddenly magic the newer versions onto your downloaded
single layer DVD?
Robert HULL

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