After Firefox security upgrade from Suse, FF won't launch

I originally posted this query on the Firefox newsgroup, but after some
pointers and further testing, it seems more of an issue for Suse, either
Yast/YOU or for the Suse distribution of Firefox.

I am running Suse 10.0 with all patches. I was running Firefox
(and have been running Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape for many years).
Saturday, I get YOU notice that there is a security update to Firefox

I download and install it using the Suse YOU installer. Now I try to
launch Firefox from my desktop icon (appl = firefox %u). It fails to
launch, no notice, it just shuts down after about a minute of trying to

I revert to version and it runs perfectly.

I reinstall the new version, and it fails to load. The firefox
newsgroup directs me to
and I see the issue about ownership of $HOME/.mozilla. I check that, and
it is still owned by me, the primary user (not root), so that is not the

I try launching from the command line both by 4 different ways:
firefox %u
/usr/bin/firefox -safe-mode

All return very quickly (not the 1 minute or so as when launched from the
desktop) with the following message:
/opt/MozillaFirefox/lib/firefox-bin: symbol lookup
error: /opt/MozillaFirefox/lib/firefox-bin: undefined symbol:

My file sizes and checksums compare precisely to an unrelated user whose
system works correctly.

Based on a suggestion, I ran ldd on the new version and captured its output,
then reverted to the
old version and did the same. The library modules names and link addresses
(?) compare exactly the same, but the paths to them are distinctly
different. The new version is under
/opt/MozillaFirefox/lib/... (same as yours),
while the old are under

I am pretty certain that this gives the clue as to what is wrong, but I am
not certain how to repair it. The original install was run under Yast,
while the update was run under Yast Online Update (YOU). As far as I know,
neither Yast nor YOU give me any choice as to the directories for
installation. (I suspect that I could move them manually, but that is
obviously not the right solution.)

If anybody is aware how to resolve this, I would greatly
appreciate your sharing it with me.