Re: Where is ifconfig in SuSe 10.1?

houghi wrote:
David Bolt wrote:
On Sat, 26 Aug 2006, Klaus Meister <Kl1971@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:-


I cannot find the ifconfig command to find out my IP address.
Have you looked in /sbin?

Is this command changed in 10.1???
No. When logged in as root, you should only need to use "ifconfig"
whereas as a normal user, you need to us /sbin/ifconfig instead. BTW,
this is exactly the same as with previous versions.

If you use this often as a user, there are several ways to solve this. I
will give two reasonably save ways:
1) Make an alias "alias sbin='/sbin/ifconfig'. I am not sure if the
deault ~/.bashrc looks in ~/.alias, but that is where I have my aliases
2) ln -s /sbin/ifconfig /usr/local/bin/ifconfig

I have done the last for traceroute.

The first is ideal for one user, the second for all users.

Interesting - I just make a symbolic link into /usr/bin for programs
that I want to use when logged in as me.