Re: Back to 10.0 for me

After serious contemplation, on or about Tuesday 29 August 2006 11:26 am
Michael Henry perhaps from Michael.K.Henry@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

You seem to be saying "There will always be problems with performing
an upgrade so just get used to doing a re-install when you want to
upgrade". That's a really defeatist attitude - I have absolutely no
doubt that the upgrade could be made painless and reliable if the
people who manage these distros decided that should be a priority.
Should it be a priority? As I said above, I don't think Linux will be
a viable competitor to Windows until it is.

You sound new to Windows. The only viable way to upgrade on a Windows
machine is a complete re-format and new installation. At least twice a
week I run across a customer that has really quirky problems because
they at one point in time bought an upgrade version of MS Windows and
installed it over a former version.

And alas, if one has to do a clean Windows installation (and they
should) there is no easy way to preserve all their data because every
MS application puts data and files wherever it wants to and unlike
Linux that will put data somewhere in /home. Occassionally I do run
across a customer who knows enough about specifying a target
destination for files (if the application allows it) and puts it
somewhere in the Documents and Settings Folder.

This problem is especially true of downloaded files in the MS OS.

Your mileage may differ, but I work on customers' computers all day long
(well really all night long because I go to people's homes) and get to
see more borked computers.

Darrell Stec darstec@xxxxxxxxxx

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