Re: Recognizing and formatting a USB disk drive

Vahis wrote:
scott wrote:
Vahis wrote:
scott wrote:
I purchased a hard drive enclosure which allows you to plug in a
regular hard drive and the enclosure allows you to plug the hard drive
into a USB port. The result is having a hard drive plugged into a USB
port and have it act like a regular hard drive. Under SuSE Linux 9.0 it
used to inform me that such a hard drive was plugged in. Under SuSE
Linux 10.0 I get no such notification. Is there some setting to turn on
notifications? Also, How do I go about formatting such a drive?

$ dmesg | grep SCSI

What does that return?

What does MyComputer tell you about the drive? Is it there?

In performing the "dmesg | grep SCSI" command, nothing is returned. If
I click on the "MyComputer" icon, the device is not there. Note I am
using a USB mouse and that works fine.


Obviously your HD is either not connected properly in the
enclosure or that is not properly connecting to the USB port.
Or it does not have power.

Does the HD start to spin when connected?
Does it blink its led?
Does it have power? HD need external power.

Have you got something else to stick in, like a card reader or a
memory stick? If you do try dmesg | grep SCSI with that.


The drive does spin and the access light does flicker. I am suspecting a bad enclosure. I will get another enclosure and give it a try. Thanks for the help!