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On Tue, 12 Sep 2006 11:49:19 -0400, Darrell Stec
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After serious contemplation, on or about Tuesday 12 September 2006 11:36
am jonah perhaps from jonah123@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

On Tue, 12 Sep 2006 16:36:43 +0200, Olav <> wrote:

Jonah wrote:

OK I give up, how do you assign / change an icon for a desktop
shortcut in 10.1?

Rightclick desktop icon > Properties > Click on icon > Browse to the
icon you want > Click on that icon


Yeah Olav I don't appear to have an icon to right click on in the
properties box, thats whats puzzling me but I will have another look
when I finish updating Windoze machines later. I maybe should have
mentioned this app is the Suse 9.2 version but it runs fine in 10.1

Bloody hate update Tuesday, just finished backing up a dozen machines
prior to the next set of MSFT inflicted disasters which will arrive in
a couple of hours.



BTW great house - location looks fantastic - want to swap?

Are you talking about what Windows calls shortcuts? If so and you want
to put one on your desktop just right click on some empty space.
Select "Create New" and then "Link to Application." In the field under
the General tab give the shortcut a name. Under the Application tab
you can fill in the Descripton and a comment and you will need the path
to the command (use the Browse button so everything gets spelled
right). If you don't already have Pin installed, it would be a good
time to install the application before adding links. Pin will give you
all the directories that an application uses and is helpful in finding
where the binary or shell that runs the application resides.

Under the General tab if you click on the icon you can change it to one
more appropriate. Many apps already have one or more icons you can
use. Houghi already gave you some of the directories for them.

If that is not what you are not talking about. Don't read this.

Yep thats what I am talking about - never heard of Pin though I will
have a look. Thanks