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houghi wrote:
Vahis wrote:
However I have several scripts that run on a weekly and even monthly
basis and that would complicate thing if they suddenly did not do what I
expected them to dom
What happens when you one day will have to upgrade?
It's a big hassle then always, huh.

New installation, as always.

Maybe big time scripting is not such a great thing after all. I
wouldn't know, I've been able to manage with aliases so far.

When I do a new installation, I am aware that there might be issues, so
I calculate that time in. I also do a cleanup of scripts I no longer
use. Obviously I try out each script in cron to see if that works.

Only when I am sure that all is running do I actually switch, with still
the possability during a month to switch back.

I usually have my desktop with a drive cut in two, one half has
my current OS that I use.

On the other half I install the next one and have dual boot.
I also copy the old /home to the new half before installing and
use that. In the /home directory I have my NFS mounts, I really
save nothing in my /home directly, it's just settings, all data
is on the server (10.0 still today).

In the beginning the default boot is the old one, normally it
will default to the new one soon.

At this point there are 10.0 and 10.1 default being changed to
10.1. The 10.0 half is waiting for 10.2.

It is mainly the scripts I wrote for crontab that worry me. And again,
if it ain't broke, don't fix it. So I see no reason for YaST, Smart,
Zen, RPM, Yum or by neighbours goldfish to update anything unless I say

Security updates have my say-so.

I'd like to run those but since the ROI would be eternal I won't.

For the homeuser and especially for people like us who like to play
around with things, I would advice against it. For us there is nothing
to gain to run SLED or SLES instead of openSUSE or SUSE.

It will be even a disadvantage as it contains less software to play
with. :-)


I reckon :)

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