On Wed, 18 Oct 2006 22:18:06 +0200, Mads Skjern wrote:

darklight wrote:
Try this install smart package manager and install gimp 2.2.13-1 from
there it will take care of all the dependencies for you

Thanks, but I installed it via YAST, and there were no dependency errors.

The error is the same whatever user I try. Removing the .gimp directory in
my home folder activates the userinstall i.e. it creates whatever local
settings needed. After that situation is the same:

It is possible to start GIMP and create a new drawing with all functions
Opening a jpg (haven't tried other formats)from inside GIMP or clicking on
a file, stops GIMP instantly with no error messages. It just vanishes.

I have tried the Windows solution, remove and reinstall, no change. Very

I may have missed this posting but what error messages do you get when you
start GIMP from an xterm or similar terminal?

Looking at man gimp, you will see quite a few options to help you debug
why it is behaving that way.

Try launching it from a terminal with the debugging option on and let us
know what messages you get.
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