Re: How to write a bash script to do the following tasks?

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I need to run a server program (SVR) on machine A and a client program
(CLI) on machine B. To set up a connection between SVR and CLI, the
following command must be issued on machine B: $CLI -connect A -name link1

After the connection is set up between A and B, the Client program will
show a message -- "Connection is set up" on the screen. Then I will let
the server program do some real work on machine A (no external input needs
to be taken for the client program during this process on machine B).

I need to set up many connections between A and B, i.e. I have to spawn
multiple instances of the client program. The server can only take one
connection request from the client program at one time, otherwise the
server program will refuse to work (i.e. connection requests has to be
sent out sequentially on machine B).

I'm trying to run the following bash script file on B (server program is
always running on A):
CLI -connect A -name link1 &
CLI -connect A -name link2 &
CLI -connect A -name link3 &
CLI -connect A -name link4 &
CLI -connect A -name link100 &

I got two problems:
Problem1: How to simulate the action pressing ENTER key in the bash script
Explanation: even though I append & to each command line in the script
file, the task is not put into background automatically after the first
connection is set up. This is because the shell does not get the control
back from the client program and thus all the following command lines do
not get a chance to execute. I have to press ENTER key when the message
"Connection is set up" shows up. To confirm this, I type the single
command line "CLI -connect A -name link1 &" in the shell and got the same
thing (shell prompt does not come back immediately unless I press ENTER
key after the message "Connection is set up" shows up on the screen)

Problem2: How to spawn the client program both in background and
Explanation: As the connection request has to be issued sequentially, if I
put all those tasks into background, I can not control the sequence of
connection request from so many client programs to the server program. I
try to put the semicolon before or after & to force those tasks to run one
by one. But the shell complains about the combination use of semicolon (;)
and background task symbol (&).

Can anyone help me solve this issue?



Just an idea but set up a for loop script something like:

for ((a=1; a<100; a++))
do trap "CLI -connect A -name link1 < $keypress " 17
sleep 10

If you're lucky someone might post correct syntax or code for you.


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