Re: Shouldn't we abandon SUSE?

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David Bolt wrote:
I've recently tried Mandriva 2007. I wasn't impressed with it at all. It
didn't feel right, I didn't like the method of adding packages and, as a
consequence, rapidly replaced it.
So you did not like to go from one distribution to another because 'it
did not feel right'. Now you can imagine how people feel when they not
just want to change distributions, but their complete OS.

I would imagine that it is more then just 'it does not feel right'.
I would think that when one is planning to move to another OS one
is mentally more prepared to accept that a lot will change.

I would think that as well. Reading this group and talking with people
has shown me that that is not the case.

I mean that one would perhaps change distro or desktop just for
fun or no reason. No big deal like changing the whole OS. You
kinda need to like to start using it.

I would expect someone changing to another OS (especially if
there's a need to change) to give it more room to be different.

In this matter I personally always fail to start with Gnome. I
install it usually at this stage (virtual installation of beta).

Then I look at it and I see it's not for me.

But there's some stuff I'd probably like if I just gave it
another look :)

If somebody is watching, extra geek points can be obtained by
watching the boot messages wise-looking and with some eye-brow
moving and a couple of hmmm...s :)

Geekpoints are taken away if you need to boot. More are taken away if
you need the bootmessage *during* the boot.

Old saying: It takes one to know one.

Another geek (or better just: A geek) would know but we're
talking about migrants watching over the shoulder now :)

I have a couple of machines with longer uptimes, often the age of
a kernel version on them. But the desktop is booted practically
every day. Also the virtual machines are booted often.

But I'd like not to have the list of users visible. I installed
also the Gnome Beta 2 on VMware and there you have no list, you
need to know the username. I'd like that.

How is that done when you boot KDE?

Well, you use Gdm instead of Kdm. YaST, System. /etc/sysconfig Editor,
Desktop, Display Manager, DISPLAYMANAGER. You can select between kdm,
xdm, gdm, wdm and console.

I'll check that virtually.

Extra themes can be found here for gdm:

Some examples, Those can be used as basis for your own theme as well:

The themes I have never had a look at. The default's just fine.

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