Re: I Abandon Suse for UBUNTU - James Pannozzi Will use and develop for UBUNTU!

Jimserac wrote:
Although I was originally going to stay with Novell Suse even after
the astonishing Microsoft deal, my mind has been changed
by Mark Shuttleworth.

He has clearly stated what everyone was thinking in the
back of their minds but did not want to admit.

Read this comment from Mark Shuttleworth"
"Novell's decision to go to great lengths to circumvent the patent
framework clearly articulated in the GPL has sent shock waves through
the community. If you are an OpenSUSE developer who is concerned about
the long term consequences of this pact, you may be interested ... [in]
a series of introductory sessions for people who want to join the
Ubuntu community -- in any capacity, including developers and package

I spent a lot of hours trying out Fedora and Suse
and Suse came out on top. But the WHOLE POINT of
my using Linux was to get away from the legion of zombie
windows developers whoose applications and brains
were under control of Microsoft and whoose creativity
would be directed in ways Microsoft saw fit, not to mention
the privacy violations, monopolistic behaviour and other
deleterious policies of Microsoft which I found philosophically
as well as personally objectionable.

BOTH Fedora and Suse seem to have had one
real goal whilst enjoying the unremitting sweat
and labor of brilliant developers from all over
the world - they both have been in a race
to try and become the "Mircosoft" of the Linux
world with all the power and wealth that
goes with that "accomplishment".

By all means we must keep in mind the original
revolutionary nature of personal computers,
the empowerment of the individual and
the overthrow of the big brother mainframes -
a battle which is, astonishingly, still being
fought to this day.

Shuttleworth has had the courage to re-emphasize and
UNDERSCORE the key open source principles of what
Linux is all about. I support his views and
I now move to UBUNTU.

Join me.

Citizen Jimserac
James Pannozzi
I switched from 10.1 to Kubuntu at home several (9-12 Months ago)because
of smarta**'s in this news group. To switch because of that article or reasoning is dumb. I still follow SUSE and will still put 10.2 on my PC when it is finalized. Kubuntu is a valid OS to use as it has treated me well so far. Please stay with what you are most comfortable with or switch for a reason and not necessarily the one I did.

If you do come over then please come with a open mind as Kubuntu is friendlier than SUSE was to me as a beginner. I am right now running 6.10 Edgy but it is a little rough yet. Dapper is better in as much as it is more stable.

my .02