Re: Pan newsreader under SUSE 10.1

On Wed, 29 Nov 2006 14:10:10 -0600, imotgm wrote:

There you go. ;) There's a bonus too. If they put it back, as you want
it, you get that warm and fuzzy feeling every time you use that feature,
knowing YOU are responsible for it being there. Even though you do not
write the actual code, you have contributed.

I think I need to file more than one feature request, I'm afraid. :-( Last
night I gave 0.119 a better chance and actually used it for more than a
short test run. Four more things got on my nerves:

1. Setting up extra news accounts was easy, like it was in previous
versions. But how on Earth do I get to use them? I couldn't find any
command to select those accounts that I had added. As I am normally using
three accounts, this omission is just unbelievable.

2. Posting a message to a newsgroup works, but if I want to set follow-ups
to somewhere else... oops, can't be done. No more "More headers" tab with
simple fields to fill in. Well, I guess I could do it by writing something
to the text field labelled More headers, but as there's no help available
saying what kind of syntax I need, I find it next to useless.

3. The keyboard shortcut for showing headers as threaded or not threaded
(CTRL+E) is gone. Now I need to click through menus to change it. Of
course it's just a minor inconvenience, but an inconvenience anyway.

4. Another minor inconvenience is the inability to edit the score file
straight from Pan.

Weird thing is, as I browsed through, I found only that
last defect being reported. I can't be the only one using more than one
account, so there must be a way to use them in Pan. Can't be that
difficult, can it?

Maybe I'm just too stupid to use this new Pan, because I can't find a way
to do even the simplest of things. Or then Pan has gone too deep into the
brain-dead world of Gnome UI, where usability is sacrificed to some very
peculiar idea of simplicity.

(Sorry for the total absence of any SUSE-related matters, but I just felt
a need to open up. :-P)


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