Re: MP3 Support in k3b with OpenSuse 10.2 Final

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This is not a flame. This is advice on how to get better help and keep
this newsgroup clean
Short story: Please read

Long story:
Google unfortunately decided not to use the standards of quoting on
Usenet. There are several solutions to this problem. The best is to use a
newsreader. For Windows there is e.g. FreeAgent and for Linux there is
Pan, Knode or slrn, among others.

Just point your newsreader to your providers Usenet server. If they do not
have a Usenetserver, look up a payserver, like or a
free server like (registration required)

Now what if you are not at home all the time and that is your reason to
select google? Glad you asked.
If you have a fixed connection, you can use a dyndns server to make a
connection to your home linux machine over ssl and use anything that is
on your home computer.
e.g. ssh and then run slrn. GUI interfaces are possible
as well on any OS.
If you are unable to keep a connection up, you can register at and then connect to there and use slrn on that
machine. slrn is textbased and might be scary at first. As Usenet is
text anyway, you will very fast learn how to use it and configure it.

Only if all else fails and you have no option in using Usnet in any other
way, including waiting till you get home, you can use Google. You can
still quote correctly as described on the following page:

Understand that many people already filter out google postings. So best
look for an alternative. Usenet is not WWW. If you want WWW, look up
a webforum. This is not a webforum.

I sympathize with your problems, and am more than willing to help you
solve them. To do so you should follow the correct quoting principles
and good Netiquette explained in this FAQ available at;

Untill then I and many other regulars who could give you good advice
won't do so. So in the interest of solcing your problems, quote correctly
and ask Google to reinstate the correct way of quoting.

Remember: this was not a flame, this was helping you to get the best
response and help possible.

You tried, and you failed, so the lesson is, never try. - Homer J. Simpson.

wow, touchy....enjoy your Usenet, I'll go elsewhere...