sles 10 problems

Hi all,

I've just installed SLES 10 on a server for a small local network.
Everything seemed to go OK, but I'm left with a couple of problems which
not been able to solve (even with google!).

Problem 1.
Samba server is running on the system, but I can't map Win XP drive letters
the home directories in the SLES server.
It keeps asking for username & password (which are the same as on Windows).

Problem 2.
An application which users requires needs to connect via telnet (it can't
use SSH).
xinetd is running, and I've even turned the firewall off in case that was a
but I can't telnet from a WIN XP box. The error message it shows is:

telnetd: /usr/lib/mit/sbin/login.frb5 no such file or directory.

Could anybody set this amateur in the right direction please?

thanks in advance.