Re: Dual boot

On Mon, 18 Dec 2006 07:21:22 -0800, BuckMcCoy wrote:

I think that your problem could be that having two different SUSE on
the same machine is a quite strange configuration. System directories
have the same name in both installations so probably fstabs try to do
something like

I have three SUSE versions,two Mandake/Mandriva versions, PclosOS, and
Slackware on theis machine. There is nothing unusual about this
arrangement; many people do the same. The different versions do not
interfere with each other in any way. The boot loader loads one kernel,
which mounts it's own / partition. fstab load only what pertains to the
running system, unless one chooses to have the other partitions mounted in
places of ones choice, like /mnt/suse10/ or /mnt/mandrake. The other
mounted partitions are not in the $PATH, so the system does not "use" them.
They are mounted for the user's reference only.

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