Re: putty access

On 2006-12-21 16:37, Bob Iles wrote:
Alexander Swen wrote:
Hi Bob, have you checked the following:
1. ssh daemon running (ps axf | grep ssh) if yes: try netstat -ntlp |
grep 22 and then, try iptables -L to see your firewall settings.
then see if anything is blocked (sometimes, for example on some RedHat
installs a locked icmp proto can run you into problems)
I asume that you already checked your ip config and routes and so on?

I'm sorry that I didn't mention that ssh from another system
running Knoppix works fine and the putty session prompts
for a password but then says "Access Denied" and prompts again
for the password.

Thanks for your input

I have since years back disabled password authentication
to ssh due to all bozos who is trying to login.

PasswordAuthentication no

So, the only way to get in is to use the private ssh-keys.

Maybe suse 10.2 now has this as default, and in this case
you must generate keys and add your public keys to
~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the suse box.

Also check that putty send the correct user, not USER or User.
(bob , not Bob , or whatever)

There is a key agent even for putty, I know other using it,
but I never use windows, so I don't know how they set it up.