Re: 10.1 or 10.2?

google01013 wrote:
On Tue, 26 Dec 2006 11:26:07 -0500, zuvuya <zuvuya@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In these posts I read that 10.2 would fix problems in 10.1 so I am
wondering what those problems were. I have installed 10.2 on my x86-64
system and am not happy with the new way that the KDE menu system
works and the things they left out of it. Thinking of going back to
10.1, but first I would like to know what others thought the problems


1) if you don't like the new menu don't use it, switch back to the old
one I did. Right click the start button .....

2) 10.2 is much better then 10.1. You're there going back buys you what?

3) If you didn't have any problems in 10.1 before you won't if you go
back, biggest problems were with the zmd update service

4) What did they leave out? Were they in 10.1?

10.2 rocks!

--OpenSuse 10.2 x64, KDE 3.5, Opera 9.x weekly

Have the USB problems in 10.2 been resolved, then?

I was going to get 10.2 to put on a new PC that I hope to buy next month
but the USB problems that other users have reported have made me reconsider.